How does Maracuya work

How it Works

Sell your soulful furniture, earn money easily and contribute to a more sustainable planet!

Why sell on Maracuya?

  • Advertise for free:

    Upload your items for free on Maracuya

  • Fast sales:

    Easy access to local vintage buyers

  • Transparency:

    Pricing and commissions are transparent, there are no hidden fees. Also, Maracuya is a publicity free zone.

  • Sustainable impact:

    We all contribute to a sustainable planet by allowing soulful furniture to continue their ongoing journey.

How does it work?

  1. Picture icon

    1.Photograph the items that you wish to sell. We will touch up a coverphoto for you.

    Tip: Take at least 4 to 5 pictures for sufficient visibility. Take additional pictures to display any traces of use or light damage. Please note our criteria as we only accept vintage or second-hand handmade items of quality. Read the full criteria here.

  2. Upload icon

    2.Upload the items for free and determine your price. We check whether your item matches our assortment. After validation, we will retouch your cover picture and publish your ad on Maracuya.

    Once a buyer wants to buy your item, you will need to validate the availability of the item within 3 days in your Maracuya account. If we do not receive your confirmation or if you indicate the item is no longer available, the order will be cancelled.

  3. picture’s icon

    3.After confirming the order, your soulful piece is officially sold! You will now receive your buyers details so you can arrange directly on free pick-up or delivery of the item.

    Tip: Are you willing to organize the delivery yourself? If so, indicate the additional amount you wish to receive and help your buyer save money on delivery!

  4. picture’s icon

    4.Receive 80% of the sales on your bank account within 2 weeks.

    Once you confirm the handover of the item to the buyer, we will arrange your payment. Please note that depending on your bank, this might take an additional 2 to 3 days.

  5. Good news Listing on Maracuya is totally free! We only charge a commission on sold items. So no sales -> no fees! ;-)


At Maracuya we aim at proposing soulful pieces :

  • Antique items
  • Vintage or retro items
  • Second-hand artisanal pieces of quality
  • In good condition or showing marks of usage

We do not accept :

  • Heavily damaged items, art, curiosa,..
*What can you sell on Maracuya

Buying, selling and returns


The order process

After you passed your order, the seller has 3 days to reconfirm the availability of the item. After confirmation by the seller, this soulful piece is officially yours! You will now receive an order confirmation and the sellers details so you can arrange directly on free pick-up or delivery of the item. In case we do not receive any confirmation within those 3 days or if the seller indicates that the item is no longer available, the order will automatically be cancelled and you will be refunded immediately.

For all questions regarding the shipment, don't hesitate to reach out directly to your seller!

Return policy

In case of purchase from a professional seller, you have 2 weeks to return a piece after receiving it. You can recognize a professional seller by the icon shop Created with Sketch. . In case of purchase from a private seller no return is possible.

How to return: Please indicate your wish to return in your Maracuya account or inform us via [email protected] Hereafter, please contact your seller directly to arrange a smooth return. Only items in the original or similar packaging and in the same condition as on the time of purchase, will be refunded. The return needs to happen by the same mode of shipment as at purchase. Shipment costs are always at the expense of the buyer. The refund happens 14 days after receival of the return by the seller (excluding the shipment cost). In case of return, the seller agrees to reconfirm the receival of the item so that the buyer can be refunded smoothly. The seller can refuse a return if the item is damaged or if the return was sent back later than the agreed upon 14 days.


For professional buyers

You can reach out directly to the seller to request an invoice. You can recognize a professional seller by the icon shop Created with Sketch.

For professional sellers

Maracuya processes the invoices for professionals on the 15th of the following month with an overview of the charged commission.