DIY oude meubeltjes wit schilderen

Disclaimer: I’m an absolute novice to any DIY projects choosing very consciously to work the convenient way. 😉 So, if you can relate, please read on. My DIY approach in a nutshell: Cleaning and sanding the cabinet with a 120 grit sandpaper. Then applying two coats of paint. You might consider using a primer first, I didn’t. When choosing the paint, I went with the easy (and cheap!) route and used some leftover paint I had left at home (mat RAL 9010). As I personally prefer pieces that show marks of aging, I sanded the cabinet afterwards with grit sandpaper of 150 to show some marks of usage. How much sanding is needed, really depends on your preferred look. Hope this few tips help & wishing you the best of luck on your DIY painting projects!

Gelijkaardige meubels met een ziel